Spring creek

My favourite creek during spring. As usual, a lot of water. Sometimes I wish that pictures had sound, I just love the sound of running water.


Right now, the reindeers give birth to their calves. This little one was just one day old on these photos.

Near the Norwegian border

A picture from the Swedish mountains in black and white. A beautiful day.

Winter sun

The days are short during winter, but the light is so stunning compared to the other seasons. I just love winter.

Winter frost

Up at the mountain of Gausja, there is a stunning view over the lake Kikkejaur, as you can see in the background. When the weather is cold, the light is so beautiful, blue-pink-coloured. And when the ice is creating beautiful patterns on the branches, it’s even more beautiful. This day it was pretty cold outside, but I couldn’t stop taking pictures until it was almost completely dark.

Another trip to Akkanålke

A couple of weeks ago, I took another trip to Akkanålke. There, high up in the mountain, it was still snow on the branches of the trees. I just love that, and luckily I came just when the sun was on it’s way down and spread it’s beautiful light over the landscape. Even though I like summer, winter is my favourite season when it comes to light. The light up here is stunning.


Akkanålke is a nature reserve just outside Arvidsjaur with a spectacuar view. Up on the top, the picture below, it was very windy the day I visited it, but a very beautiful sunset.

Christmas Day 2016


The sun barely reaches above the horizon.