My photoyear of 2014

My photoyear of 2014, with an image for every month. Not my best images, but the ones that gives me a special memory.


January. A month with a lot of snow and many tours on ski. The trees were full of snow this whole month, which I love as a nature phtotographer. The low sun gives a warm light to the landscape. This is from one of my tours on ski a wonderful January day.


February. For me it is always the darkest month, even though the light is returning. Mostly gray days, but now and then the sun showed, even though it isn’t that warm. This is Reivo, one of the cabins that are open all year around.


March. Here, at the creek close to our house, I can feel that the spring is on it’s way, even though it is only March. Still a lot of snow, but the sun has started to warm a bit, and at the southern side of the creek, the snow has melted and gives a promise of summer. I also love the sound of running water.


April. On one of my tours to find spring water, i discovered a spot in the forest where the was no snow and where the light was shining through the trees in the most beautiful way. I spent the whole day in the forest, really feeling that it finally was spring.


May. The creek is full of water, but still so cold that the ice doesn’t melt on it’s sides, shaping wonderful sculptures.


June. The first of the summer months, a summer that turned out to be one of the warmest I can remember.


July. Reflection of three suns between the trees. Behind them, Piteå river.


August. A tour to beautiful Norway, with it’s spectacular views. Outside Bodö.


September at the lake. A month of beautiful colours and a lot of fishing for the winter.


October. Over night it fell quite a lot of snow, the day after the clouds were gone and the sun was shining on the white clean snow during my day tour in Reivo.


November. Finally Northern lights, here in Reivo. The ice is thick enough to walk on, at least close to land.


December. Not so much snow, but enough to ski on. At the lake, everyting is quiet and covered with soft white snow.


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