Northern Lights

For me, few nature phenomenon is so beautiful as the Northern Lights. It can appear in all kinds of colours – from green to blue, red and orange. It moves across the dark sky in unpredictable movements. I can stand there for hours and hours, bending my head back, looking up in the sky. It is hard to understand how this magnificent light can be real – that Nature can create something so fantastic. This evening, in the beginning of March, the light was extra spectacular. Often it moves so fast that it is hard to catch on camera. This night it was moving very slowly, so I put up my tripod and took a couple of pictures. Suddenly I felt watched and noticed a movement behind my back and I turned around. There was a fox, calmly he sat on the snow, studying me with his dark eyes, wondering what I was doing. Long we stood there, watching eachother. Oh, what I wished that he had been in front of the lens instead. What a picture that would have been – the wild red fox with the Norhtern Lights slowly moving on the sky behind him. I then fully understood the expression: The most beautiful pictures is the ones you never take.

3 Comments on “Northern Lights

  1. Ännu en otroligt vacker bild … Önskar att jag själv hade tagit ett liknande foto … Det är så roligt att få ta del av dina fantastiskt vackra bilder ! … // Maria 🙂

  2. Tack Maria! Jag blir så glad över att du tar dig tid att kommentera. Norrsken ÄR så mäktigt, tyvärr har vi haft lite aktivitet i vinter, då det varit mulet och grått i flera månader.

  3. Vackert norrsken Annelie! Fint med skoterspåret som ledande linje och stjärnorna. / Pia


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