A magic evening

A couple of days ago a magic northern light danced on the sky, and because of the (almost) full moon the evening was really bright. The light swept across the sky and formed beautiful shapes, sometimes it looked like the light and the moon met up there.

Ice sculptures

So beautiful ice formations at the lake last week. The wind, water and cold weather had shaped a lot of ice sculptures along the shore, next to our house.

Winter is here

Images from last week. Down below from today, a couple of inces of snow on the ground. Winter is here.

Sibirian Jay

Sometimes they are more unafraid than usual, the beautiful and social Sibirian Jay.

Reivo in autumn colors

Cecilia and Anton

Here is the pictures of the second wedding photoshot, this time in the stunning colours of fall. Beautiful Cecilia and Anton.

Reivo at the end of August

Not yet autumn colors, but a feeling of a coming season in the air.

Malin and Oliver

I rarely accept a work as a Wedding Photographer. I get several requests every year, but I don’t accept more that one, two at most. I have accepted two this year, one done, the next to go. It is A LOT of work, really intense at the wedding day, several days of work in front of the computer afterwards, but on the other hand, really fun too. And of course, it is a huge honor.
This is Malin and Oliver, such a beautiful couple! Two warm and wonderful souls! ♥ It was a lovely day in July, at the magical Bergnäsudden.